Gale Regale

Action! Fun! Dance! 

The Discotheque

For bookings 09559309666

Come to Metropolitan. Indulge experience & forget the rest of the world!

An ideal hangout for those belive in the ‘work hard-party harder’ lifestyle… so get ready tolet losse… let your body
sway and soul awing as you groove into the music!

The unanimous choice… to celebrate with buddies!

An upbeat party concept to zing up your boring routine life... an ideal hangout for those who believe in the 'work hard-party harder' lifestyle !

Come...dump your mental paraphanelia... shed all inhibitions... and loose yourself to the magic of peppy tracks, groovy music and all that jazz I

Also... great tasting food to relish and refreshing drinks to sooth your soul I

Gale regale

  • Eat,
  • Drink,
  • Dance
  • And be
  • Merry !