About Us

Metropolitan Clubs is touted as one of the finest restaurants in the "City of Nawabs", reflecting the spirit of traditional outlook and modern elegance. Its salient features include plush and antique interiors, remarkable customer service and exotic cuisine thereby rendering it as a preferred choice among judgmental travelers who are accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle. We are fast pacing towards seeking roaring popularity across the length and breadth of the city marked by typical and distinctive Awadhi culture.

We are located in the city center around government institutions and shopping malls and offer a delightful voyage and authentic experience of palatable dishes in an unparalleled and unique style.

We are rigorously engaged in remolding the concept of hospitality in an impeccable manner so as to render a unique and everlasting impression on the hearts and minds of visitors. We offer a wide range of dining choices and are totally committed towards delivering a premium hotel experience on the basis of vivid imagination and efficiency. Our pivotal and intrinsic goals include contemporary luxury accompanied by casual informality. We are marked by never before experiences that will inspire and invigorate your senses and you will thereby appreciate the mystic charm of life.

We are quality driven and tend to focus on a hassle free experience for our customers. Intricately designed facilities, cost effectiveness and consistency are our major hallmarks and we pledge to replicate our services across the globe at a magnanimous level. Our hospitality standards stand supreme so that our guests can unwind and relax in the existing ambience. We offer a well trained staff who can efficiently handle guests having multiple demands through their affable and crisp service.